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The 2018 Babe Ruth Southwest Region Umpires Registration System is NOW OPEN. In order to register, the applicant must be National Umpires Association (NUA) certified for 2018. WE ALSO APOLIGIZE THAT EACH OF YOU THAT REGISTERD WITH US LAST YEAR ACCIDENTALLY GOT DELETED ONCE YOUR STATUS CHANGED TO EXPIRED 01-01-2017! We THINK we have corrected that from happening at the close of this year. If ya registered with us in 2017 you should find it simpler to just renew versus STARTING all over again submitting a NEW registration this year! NOTE - Some are still listed as PENDING due to the fact that Regional Tournaments were over by the time you submitted. I'm looking into whether you need to renew or resubmit as NEW in 2018. I'll Contact you personally! THANKS Cantley OUT!


Here is where you have an opportunity to register to become part of the "Call-up List" for our Southwest Regional Tournaments. Please be advised that becoming a member of the Call-up List does not guarantee that you will be called up. Many factors are involved in the decision making process.

In general, umpires are initially assigned to Regional tournaments by the Regional Commissioner. When additional umpire support is needed, the Regional Commissioner works with the Host State Commissioner and the Host League to determine who will be assigned.

In all cases, umpires need to be registered with the Region within the prescribed time period.

Criteria for the Regional Call-up List Registration:

1. Certification as a Babe Ruth National Umpires Association (NUA) umpire in Baseball, or Softball, or both (Combined).
2. Experience officiating in at least three (3) Babe Ruth sanctioned State tournaments
3. A positive recommendation from your District Commissioner, State Commissioner, Assistant Regional Commissioner, and/or Regional Commissioner.

DON'T WASTE OUR TIME! Be sure that you meet the requirements set forth above...

The Regional Registration period is 
NOW through APRIL 1, 2018. If you have not NUA Certified and completed the rest of these requirements by April 1st. you are not eligible to officiate in a Regional tournament. [Please note that you will not be eligible to umpire in any sanctioned Area, District, State, Regional, and/or World Series tournaments unless you are NUA certified prior to the start of those tournaments (re: Rule 11.05.2)].

Become a member or renew your membership in the Babe Ruth League, Inc. National Umpires Association. Then, if applicable, register with your State providing them with your work history. Then submit your application to the Region. Once we receive your registration your request will be reviewed for approval.

Membership renewals:

WE ALSO APOLIGIZE THAT EACH OF YOU THAT REGISTERD WITH US DURING THE 2016 SEASON, ACCIDENTALLY GOT DELETED ONCE YOUR STATUS CHANGED TO EXPIRED 01-01-2017! We will endeavor to stop that from happening at the close of this year. Therefore all registrations were NEW in 2017! We Hope we do better this round in prep for you renewing for the 2018 season!!!! Cantley OUT!

This is the 3nd. year for this new system. In 2018, currently registered umpires will be able to renew their registrations using a simple process with few required data fields. Until then, please fill out the NEW registration form to begin the process.  OK We THINK we have fixed this issue!!! Call Cantley at 870-304-2014 if ya have trouble or email me at ldcantley@gmail.com!! THANKS

Join the NUA or Renew your Membership

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View our Approved Umpire's Call-up Lists for :

Approved Baseball Umpires (12)
Approved Softball Umpires (3)
Pending - Awaiting Approval (2)
Expired Umpire Registrations (12)
Please review the Expired Umpire Registrations list by clicking on the above link. If your name is on this list, then you are pre-qualified as long as you have renewed your NUA Certification for the current year campaign. If so, you can click on the RENEW NOW link to begin the process of registration renewal. If your name is not on this list, then please use the NEW Registrations link above.

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